Monthly Classroom Calendars – School Year 2017-2018

Each classroom has their own monthly classroom calendar. A hard copy is sent home with your child for each month and a copy of that calendar is located here. If you have any questions regarding your child’s monthly classroom calendar, please call the Pre-K office at 763-506-8181. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Please click on a link below to download the classroom calendar you need. | Return to Document Center.

3’s Calendars

Mrs. Beck MWF

CB MWF 3’s May 2018

Mrs. Beck TTH

CB TTH 3’S MAY 2018

Mrs. Kyle TTH

DK TTH 3’S MAY 2018

Mrs. Kyle Fridays

DK FRI 3’S MAY 2018

4’s Calendars

Mrs. Ward MWF

JW MWF 4’S MAY 2018

Mrs. Ward TTH

JW TTH 4’S MAY 2018

Mrs. Spiess MWF

DS MWF 4’S MAY 2018

Mrs. Spiess TTH

DS TTH 4’S MAY 2018

High 5’s

Mrs. Ahlquist TTHF

SA HIGH 5’S MAY 2018

If you need a copy of the yearly school calendar please download here: Zion Pre-K 2017-2018 School Calendar