Our Staff

Zion Pre-K Staff

“It’s a privilege to be a part of your child’s first school experience with the assistance of Zion Pre-K’s quality staff.” – Denise Lewandowski, Zion Pre-K Director

  • Samantha Ahlquist
  • Erin Anda
  • Chelsy Crawford
  • Tammy Goral
  • Ewa Petros
  • Melissa Schrock
  • Kari Vinson

Denise Lewandowski, Pre-K Director

Cathy Westrum, Pre-K Administrative Assistant


Substitute Staff:

    Carolyn Beck      Kris Hartle      Hope Luedtke                                                                                 

Recently Retired:

     Carolyn Beck     Dawn Kyle       Susie Leonard       Debi Spiess       Julie Ward