Monthly Classroom Calendars

Each classroom has their own monthly classroom calendar. A hard copy is sent home with your child for each month and a copy of that calendar is located here. If you have any questions regarding your child’s monthly classroom calendar, please call the Pre-K office at 763-506-8181. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Please click on a link below to download the classroom calendar you need. | Return to Document Center.

SUMMER Calendars

Calendar: (Classroom D)

Z+ Session 1-  Z+ Session 1 Calendar


 Coming September 2024……..

Monthly Calendars

3’s Calendars: (Classroom A)

3’s MWF – Mrs. Vockroct May Calendar MWF room A

3’s TTH –  Mrs. Vockroct & Mrs. Smith May Calendar TH room A

4’s Calendars

4’s MWF – Mrs. Petros May Calendar MWF room B

4’s MWF – Mrs. Ahlquist & Mrs. Anda May Calendar MWF room E

4’s TTH – Mrs. Ahlquist & Mrs. Goral May Calendar TH room E

High 5’s

5’s MWF – Mrs. Vinson May Calendar MWF room D


StarZ TH – Mrs. Vinson May Calendar TH room D

If you need a copy of the yearly school calendar please download here: Zion Pre-K School Year Calendar 2023-2024