Our Snack Policy

Preschool Snacks

Photo: Fruit Dolphin, CC. Flikr

A mid-morning nutritious snack will be served to your child each day. This consists of 1% milk as well as a nutritious food item. Milk is provided by Zion Pre-K. Children enjoy bringing snacks from home. Each family is assigned 2-5 snack dates during the school year. Snack “helpers” are listed in each monthly newsletter and a snack list will be posted in each classroom.

We encourage parents to read and follow the suggested snack ideas listed below. State licensing requires that we serve only nutritious, store bought snacks. We will not accept cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, candy or any type of homemade baked goods. No exceptions. If sent, we’ll have to send it home with your child.

Nutritious preschool snack ideas include:

  • fresh fruit or vegetables
  • graham crackers, snack crackers
  • popcorn, raisins, non-sugared cereal
  • dried fruit, nut and cereal mixes
  • applesauce
  • canned fruits (in 100% juice)
  • frozen juice bars
  • yogurt
  • string cheese
  • cheese and fruit combinations
  • trail mix, pretzels
  • box of whole grain crackers with chunk of sausage

* Please note that Teddy Bear grahams are NOT an acceptable snack, they are considered a cookie. Processed fruit snacks are not preferred either.

Thank you for making healthy choices!

We have access to a refrigerator/freezer if needed. Cups, napkins, bowls and utensils are provided by Zion Pre-K. All children are served milk, also provided by Zion Pre-K, unless they have a medically noted allergy. If you have any questions regarding our snack policy, check with the Zion Pre-K Office. We do not have adequate room for lunches to be stored in the refrigerator.

We make sure everyone has clean hands before eating snack. Each child will be taken to the restroom to wash their hands prior to snack time. A table prayer will be said. Here is one that is commonly used at Zion Pre-K:

“Our hands we fold, our heads we bow; For this food, we thank Thee now. Amen”



Students enrolled in the Lunch Bunch and High 5’s option until 2:00 pm are required to bring a shelf stable bag lunch from home. Zion Pre-K will provide 1% milk for the lunch beverage. All children are served milk, unless they have a medically noted allergy. Zion Pre-K does not have adequate space for childrens’ lunches to be stored in the refrigerator. They will need to remain on the lunch cart until lunch time.